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European Journal of Ecopsychology

The European Journal of Ecopsychology (EJE) is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to explore the synthesis of psychological and ecological ideas from a variety of perspectives. We publish theoretical papers, empirical reports, accounts of therapeutic practice, and more personal reflections which offer the reader insight into new and original aspects of the interrelationship between humanity and the rest of the natural world. Issues are publshed at the end of each year.

In general, topics of interest include:

Publication of the planned 2015 issue of the EJE was unavoidably delayed. We still hope to produce a 2015/16 double issue in 2017. In the meantime, all past issues may be freely downloaded via the links below, and print copies are available via the Lulu print-on-demand service

Past issues (PDF format)

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Volume 1 (2010)

Volume 2 (2011)

Volume 3 (2012)

Volume 4 (2013)

Volume 5 (2014)

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